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CIS Release Land of Genesis

Crystal Interactive Software has released their last game for the classic Amiga - Land of Genesis. This game is the creation of author, Maurizio Gemelli who has spent over 3 years developing this shoot'em up platform game.

Land of Genesis is about a secret government experimentation, into genetics and cloning, going wrong with its test subjects, genetically modified humans taking control of the Mars base where the experiments were being conducted. You play the character Jan, an "Eliminator", a government special forces agent, you know the ones they use to clean up their mess is as though it never existed. Jan is sent to Mars to "Eliminate" any trace of what went on and to prevent any cross-world contamination.

This action game boasts 5 giant levels filled with over 180 different enemies each with their own individual AI. It has a rendered movie intro and 12 thumping CD audio tracks. The extended version of the game for higher spec gamers features parallax and transparency.

Land of Genesis requires an Aga Amiga, 4MB Ram, and is CD-Rom only (with audio output). The special extended version requires a little more juice needing a 040 processor or above and 6MB Fast Ram. A demo is available for download below.

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