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New Community Initiative Launched

In the past few months, new and old user-groups have emerged in an effort to cater for the growing interest in the new Amiga platform. In the UK, users in the East Midlands have just formed a new user group and intend to demonstrate AmigaOS 4 at the next meeting, while in the US, users from Michigan have reformed Michigan Amiga Computing Resource Organization. Recognising that the community has always been the backbone of the Amiga platform, Amiga Inc has launched an initiative to bring together user groups from across the world.

According to Amiga Inc, the time is now right to bring the user groups into a more formal forum, in which they could start “providing feedback to Amiga, Inc. on how best it can support the user groups whilst also allowing the user groups to be able to bind themselves together in a mutual organization for self help and support”. It is therefore essential that user groups submit their details to Amiga Inc so that the process of constructing this new organization can begin.

It is Amiga Inc's clear belief that this new organization “will be a crucial element in the growth of the Amiga platform as AmigaOS 4 is released and the community begins to expand”.

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