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Excitement has been raised in the Amiga community at the prospect that Amiga and Hyperion Entertainment are considering a pre-release of AmigaOS 4 in time for Christmas. Alan Redhouse in an interview with Amiga World said that this was an objective, stating “We are also working with Hyperion to try to make a hard-disk installable version of OS4 beta available to all existing A1 Earlybird customers and developers, hopefully before this Christmas”.

What prompted this action is believed to have been a desire on the part of Amiga and their partners to support those users who purchased AmigaOne systems over the past year. Many users took up the Early Bird offer from Eyetech, who outlined that anyone who bought an AmigaOne system would receive a free copy of AmigaOS 4 when it was ready. Rather than leaving users to cope with Linux as their temporary operating system, it would appear that users may well find a pre-release version of AmigaOS 4 in their Christmas stocking.

Hyperion Entertainment have indicated that any pre-release version of AmigaOS 4 would not be supported in the sense that there would be no updates. However, Fleecy Moss of Amiga, revealed that, “Amiga World have already expressed an interest in becoming a forum for support and feedback of information generated from the pre-release”. Any difficulties users experience will therefore be directed to these forums rather than to Hyperion.

Criticism from some quarters is expected as Hyperion have always stated that they wanted to release AmigaOS 4 when it was completed rather than before when bugs and other problems might create a negative impression of the new operating system. Although, no official confirmation has been obtained, it is possible that if you're an AmigaOne user you might just receive a pre-release version of the long awaited AmigaOS 4 in time for Christmas or the New Year.

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