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Amiga Flame's Christmas Message

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This year has been a success for even though the total of games released amounts to only 14, there were enough gems to occupy any gamer. Titles such as Nightlong, Code Name Hell Squad, Earth 2140, Foundation: Gold Edition, Simon The Sorcerer II and others are probably games you either have or you will have on Christmas Day.

Games developers this year have been focusing their efforts on producing games for Amiga One. This year should be identified as a transitional point in the history of the Amiga with the classic line preparing to bow out, to be replaced with a new generation of Amiga products. The first line of Amiga One systems should be ready in the new-year along with Amiga's Digital Environment. It has been a long time coming but 2001 should be the year, we will finally be able pick up a New Amiga.

Have a Merry Christmas, and have a Happy New Year.

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