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AmigaOS 4 Presented in China

Alan Redhouse, Managing Director of Eyetech, gave a presentation that included a demonstration of AmigaOS 4 to an audience at the Modern Computing Technology and Product Demonstration Forum on the 8th of September, in the Great Hall of the People in Beijing.

Alan Redhouse, with the help of Adam Kowalczyk demonstrated AmigaOS 4 “running entirely from flash card”. According to Alan Rehouse, “there are some very big opportunities in China”, especially with so many leading figures in attendance. There were high-profile government officials from Ministry of Information Industry, scholars and experts from Chinese Academy of Sciences and Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, managers of prospective and potential customers in electricity, petrochemical, financial, and telecommunication industries, executives of ARC.9, IBM, Mai Logic, and Inguard, as well as journalists from major media such as SINA, the largest Internet News Agency in China and Xinhua, the largest news agency in China.

Mai Logic Incorporated who have played an important role in helping Eyetech with the development of the AmigaOne hardware were at the event. They used the event to introduce and promote their new product known as the Smart Terminal, a new high-performance/low-power PowerPC Linux based machine. With the support provided by IBM, California-based Mai Logic Incorporated and its affiliate, Inguard Incorporated, setup 300 hundred high-performance and diskless smart terminals for this event, demonstrating video broadcasting, video streaming, 3D game applications, a Linux Office Suite application, and a RDP (Remote Desktop Protocol) client application.

In related news, Beijing-based Arc 9 Computer Inc announced that it will produce industrial computers equipped with Mai Logic P's Articia chips for industrial and manufacturing companies in Canada.

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