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The Pulse and Chess 2K

Alive Mediasoft has published their latest issue of The Pulse, with it announced that they have signed a number of deals with software houses, which means The Pulse will be featuring more exclusive reviews.

This issue has reviews of Heretic 2, Virtual Ball Fighters, Giana Twins, Teakwondo Master, and Cedric. They also have buyer guide information on Ncoder and Wordsworth Office.

Chess 2K is the latest addition to the Alive Mediasoft line, with this compilation of chess games a delight for those who enjoy having a game of chess.

If you are a chess fan, titles such as Battlechess (CD version with full speech and Audio tracks), Battlechess 2 (Chinese Chess), Colossus Chess, and Uchess will certainly have plenty to offer. Chess 2K will be out soon at the price of 14.99 UK pounds.

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