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The Chaos Regime – A Bitmap Brothers Tribute

The Bitmap Brothers were legends in Amiga gaming producing great games like Speedball and the Chaos Engine. If you want to celebrate these legends and look back to a better era in gaming then visit the website of the Chaos Regime – a Bitmap Brothers Tribute.

The website presents each of the Bitmap Brothers games providing visitors with descriptions, reviews, screenshots, and much more. Visitors even get the chance to add their comments, for instance one fan of Speedball II, said “Oh for a remake with the 'cyber' sensibilities of the original Amiga version! You could have online leagues and everything!” Gamers who still enjoy playing these classics can note down some of the tips and cheats which are available.

If your copy of a classic Bitmap Brother game has died then visit the download section. The website has demos of games like Xenon 2, Gods, Magic Pockets, and The Chaos Engine. You can even download some of the original tunes to these games or watch videos of the action.

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