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Crossword Evolution

Zeoneo have revealed their latest Amiga DE game known as Crossword Evolution. It is the first crossword product engineered from scratch specifically for the digital consumer. It sits in your PDA or cell phone (or even on your personal computer), providing hours of challenging crossword solving fun.

Crossword Evolution can hold as many crosswords as can fit into the memory of your digital device, and you can download more whenever you want. Not only that but every crossword you do has its state remembered forever, whether you have a quick 5 minutes to spare or are on a transatlantic flight. You can complete one crossword before moving onto the next or be working on several simultaneously, and it even allows you to see the progress you have made. It can provide hints, check your answers, reveal words a letter at a time, reveal whole words or even the whole crossword, and can be toggled between full word and skip existing letter entry modes.

According to Zeoneo, Crossword features sparkling 32 bit graphics, advanced alpha blended transparency and fade effects, and the unique RDK text printing system to provide a rich, yet soothing visual experience, something that is important if you want to enjoy your crossword time without your eyeballs falling out.

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