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Commitment of Amiga Incorporated

Since the announcement of the Amiga buyout by Amino Developments, Amiga Flame has been closely following developments in order to better present a clear picture of their plans for the future of the Amiga. This article in particular focuses a great deal on their commitment to the Amiga Community, especially to Amiga gamers.

It was late on New Year's Eve that news filtered to the Amiga Community that the Amiga company had been bought out by ex-Amiga employees, Bill McEwen and Fleecy Moss. Amino Developments was effectively folded into Amiga Incorporated with Bill McEwen becoming President and Fleecy Moss is Vice President of Product Development. In Bill McEwen's first speech as President, he stated firmly his support for the Amiga Community, maintaining, “Gateway purchased Amiga because of Patents, we purchased Amiga because of the People”.

There has been significant signs of a growing commitment from Amiga Incorporated with Fleecy Moss on the Amiga Newsgroups stating, “We only bought it to develop a kick ass new system so I could finally get Jon to do Cannon Fodder 3D”. I can confirm that Fleecy Moss's enthusiasm represents also well the work he is doing to obtain the support of Software companies for the new Amiga system. In a discussion with Fleecy, he reiterated his own personal goal, “I am a keen game player, so you can bet I am going to make sure games rock on our new platform”.

Chris Kemp, who runs Amiga Network News pointed out also that it does seem that Amiga Incorporated is intent on showing just how committed they are to the Amiga Community. Chris Kemp revealed to his readers how he had visited comp.sys.amiga.misc, a well-known Amiga Newsgroup via Remarq, only to learn that Amiga Incorporated had left their mark. Chris Kemp said, “I was surprised to see that every time “Amiga” or “Amigas” is mentioned in a message, they are linking to Remarq call this “midstream Marketing”, and it seems like a clever way of advertising. However my point is that it looks like Amiga, or somebody else, paid for this service. Remarq require advertisers to have a minimum budget of $2,000 per month”. From this we can conclude that Amiga Incorporated is putting its money where its mouth is.

Amiga Incorporated has already shown a determination to move their plans along announcing a partnership with the Tao-Group who are their foundation OS partner. According to Bill McEwen, a technical document will be drawn up by Fleecy Moss to further highlight what this strategic partnership means for the Amiga OS. Bill Mc Ewen also notably said, “in the next two weeks we will make another strategic partnership announcement with regards to the new Amiga and the operating system”.

Their plan seems to involve a number of stages. The first is for Amiga Incorporated to design and manufacture the development system. The second stage is partnering with hardware companies to produce the new Amiga systems. During this same period Amiga Incorporated will “develop a hardware independent set of software services and environments” according to Fleecy Moss.

Their plans will become a lot clearer, but what is becoming clear, that unlike other owners of the Amiga, people like Bill McEwen and Fleecy Moss are committed to making a better future for the Amiga and the Amiga Community. Their commitment cannot be criticised, and as a result we must give them our support, developers and users.

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