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Coupon Available from your Local Dealer

This week is the last opportunity for users to take advantage of Amiga Inc's offer, as the last day will be Saturday, the 20th of July. This effort to encourage Amiga users to purchase a $50.00 coupon from the Amiga Anywhere Shop is designed to help Amiga Inc properly plan, budget, and order for the production of the AmigaOne. To make it easier for users to purchase their coupon, local Amiga dealers can now sell the coupon.

German Amiga users can now purchase their coupon either from KDH-Datentechnik or Vesalia Computer while Dutch users should contact Computer-City. In the UK Eyetech have suggested that British Amiga users should simply purchase the coupon from the Amiga Anywhere Shop. All those users who purchase a coupon will receive a T-Shirt and Newsletters directly from Amiga Inc.

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