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Burnin' Rubber 2000

Coyote Flux have revealed further details about their forthcoming game, Burnin' Rubber 2000, which is based on the Commodore 64 classic Burning Rubber that allowed gamers to race and battle other cars.

The story is all about an evil dictator called Gill Bates who is indoctrinating everyone to buy his bad, crash-sensitive products. Your mission is to seek and destroy Gill Bates (and bonus character Billy Trucker) before it is too late. But you have to be careful as Hanoi (from Team Hanoi), one of Gill Bates' best friends and secret lover is trying to prevent you from causing Gill any harm. Then there's Berk, this character wants to kill Gill Bates all by himself and therefore tries to eliminate you as well.

Burnin' Rubber 2000 has been under development for several years with the developers producing their own PowerPC engine for what will be a high spec game. Few details have been released about its features but development has been slightly delayed as the developers are working on a number of Amiga projects.

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