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Update: Back To The Roots

Following the announcement that the BTTR-Team had reformed it would seem that their website is now fully operational. As a result it is now possible for gamers to download games and applications through the main website.

In a recent post by the BTTR-Team, they expressed their sorrow over the death of Fred Fish, and revealed that this pioneer of Public Domain software had granted them a licence to put all of his productions online, as long as they request third party rights separately. As a consequence, it will be possible to preserve “Fred's complete binary life work legally for everybody”. To help in the daunting task of locating Fred Fish's work, the team would like users to search their collection of software for anything that bears his name.

The BTTR-Team has also appealed for donations to help enlarge the harddisk space of their servers. This will enable the team to take tons of items such as games and applications out of the queue and place them on the website for your enjoyment.

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