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Back 2 The Roots Returns

In a surprise announcement it has been revealed that the BTTR-Team has reformed and so their legal download website will return. According to their statement, they are currently working on the server to set everything up again and previous donations have been spent to extend the harddisk space of the server.

The Back 2 The Roots website is now operational but there are a few problems still to be resolved by the team. For instance, it is possible to download games through the ftp site but the main website does not currently host these items and descriptions are not available. However, with the core team reformed and members' eager to restore the website, it is possible that hundreds of games and applications will be made available in the coming weeks.

The BTTR-Team has also appealed for donations to help extend further the harddisk space of their servers. This will enable the team to take tons of items such as games and applications out of the queue and place them on the website for your enjoyment.

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