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Blittersoft Double

Blittersoft have been busy signing up Amiga developers, such as Jeppe Nielson, the author of strategy game Homeland and also James Daniels of Apex Designs who is creating Amiga's first Grand Theft Auto style game called Payback.

Payback's technical features will include perspective correct texture mapping, environment mapped cars and bump-mapped reflections. There will be 100 square km of land and 4 different cities to explore with dozens of vehicles to drive, each with their own unique handling characteristics including trucks, cars, buses, tanks, boats and a few other surprises.

Homeland is said to be like Napalm and C&C, with new original features. Some of it features include, ray-traced graphics, 100% clipped graphics, and you can create your own customizable units (to some limit, of course).

Clearly Blittersoft are attempting to regain the initiative following the release of Wipeout 2097, they have ended their silence and reaffirmed their commitment by signing on two new and exciting games for Amiga gamers.

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