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Beats of Rage

Senile Team developed Beats of Rage as the ultimate tribute to Sega's beat'em up - Streets of Rages, which first appeared in the early 1990s. Disappointed that the fourth installation of the Sega game never appeared, Senile Team simply created a new version of this popular beat'em up.

In Beats of Rage you choose to play one of three fighters - Kula Gem, Max Bacon and Mandy Bluegard. It is then time to fight the injustice that plagues the city by challenging Mr Y and his thugs, who have taken control over the city's government and corrupted its police force. If you need help with the task then ask a friend to join in as this side-way scrolling beat 'em up has a two-player mode.

This freeware title is now available from OS4 Depot, thanks to the help of Mr Capehill who recently converted the title for AmigaOS 4 users.

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