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BOH Released for AmigaOS 4

Inspired by the Alien Breed series of games and The Chaos Engine, BOH is a game of exploration and action that has been in development for two years. Simone Bevilacqua of EDITEL, stressed that “the utmost effort has been done to ensure that the basic gameplay concept would develop into a challenging and entertaining experience for the player: getting the idea of it is only a matter of few minutes, while completing all the missions will keep you busy for a long time!”

BOH features twenty-five challenging missions divided into five levels of difficulty in which you move in claustrophobic and dangerous battlefields searching for the Evil Masters. This no easy task not only because of the traps-packed corridors and mind-blowing puzzles, but also because of the countless enemies that the Evil Masters throw at you more and more until you discover them - at that point, you will be attacked directly by the Evil Masters themselves, the toughest of all. The atmospheric audio and real-time lighting enhances BOH with an immersive and thrilling background to the gameplay.

BOH is now available on CD-Rom in a plastic DVD box along with a 24 pages, full-colour printed manual (English only), at the price of €12.50 Euros.

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