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Pagan Games Release Blobula

Blobula is a gravity based, fast paced action game created by long-standing developers Pagan Games. Like many other developers, Pagan Games have embraced the PDA market with this title likely to be the first of many, set to come from Pagan.

Blobula has three game modes – Arcade, Time Trial and Chill-out mode. The arcade mode allows you choose between three different players with various characteristics. You have to finish each level before the time limit is reached and this limit gets tighter and tighter for each level. You will be able to earn a glue which will slow down the balls and help you in getting them into the right holes. The balls have to be activated before you can push them through the appropriately coloured holes by touching them with your character's ship. Once they've bumped into two other balls they will not be active any more and can no longer exit through the holes. The two additional modes are Time Trial, a race against the high-scores where you have to push all the balls off the screen as fast as possible, and Chill-out, you can just relax and play around with the balls and push them off the screen.

According to Pagan, “Intuitive control system, great game-play, excellent sound and beautiful graphics add up to the perfect action/puzzle game!”

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