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Blittersoft and Crystal Interactive Software Agreement

Blittersoft and Crystal Interactive Software announced that they have signed a distribution deal for Amiga game software. This means that Blittersoft from this point on will distribute all Amiga games produced by Crystal Interactive Software.

Amiga Flame asked Paul Lesurf, Managing Director of Blittersoft how this agreement came about between them and Crystal Interactive Software; “It happened very quickly, and quite by chance after meeting with Andrew Reed at the recent SEAL Amiga show. Andrew explained that Crystal were looking for a distributor, and Blittersoft have been distributing Amiga products for many years. Add to this the fact that we have been actively increasing our efforts on the games front, it was an interesting proposal”. Paul Lesurf also emphasized the significance of this agreement in that it could lead to joint development stating, “we have agreed to the possibility of merging efforts on future projects”.

For the meantime Blittersoft will support the Classic market with FUBAR, HomeLand, Payback and Drake all due for release before Christmas. Although Paul Lesurf is concerned that a problem is developing for the Classic market pointing out “it is still quite disheartening to hear of the generally low sales of some very good software, and it is this that is the real problem for Classic development”. Blittersoft still believe that the Amiga Classic market is still big enough to warrant development but it is in the hands of Amiga gamers to purchase these games. Paul Lesurf said simply, “If the Amiga community show support, we will certainly continue to produce new titles”.

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