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BITbyBIT Software Launch their New Project

BITbyBIT Software Group has announced the launch of a new project: The Advanced Visual Developer, and The Foundation Development Subscription Plan.

The Advanced Visual Developer is targeted at both novice and professional developers alike with the tools necessary to greatly reduce development cycle times, and bring professional quality software to the new Amiga platform. According to Jamie Krueger of BITbyBIT Software, “It starts as a full Integrated Development Environment and goes on to add support for every aspect from GUI design to version control (CVS etc) to packaging and distribution”.

To help fund the development of this new project a subscription based plan has been put in place. The Foundation Development Subscription Plan offers an opportunity for Amiga developers and supporters to gain access to these powerful tools as they are built, and to have a voice in their development. Subscribers will also receive full licensed versions of the AVD Suite of tools as they are released to the public. The cost of a subscription is $10.00 US dollars a month.

If you have any questions or wish to subscribe, then e-mail Jamie Krueger of BITbyBIT Software at:-


Visit their web site at:-

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