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Amiga Flame's 5th Birthday

Amiga Flame has been running for over five years, since the first article was put up on the 12th of October 1996. Although a little late, it is important to celebrate the birth of Amiga Flame and its achievements throughout the past five years.

In the beginning Amiga Flame had a very simple mission: to bring positive news to the Amiga community. The doom and gloom merchants of late 1990s were screaming that the end was nigh, depressing just about everyone in the Amiga Community, but more importantly convincing Amiga users that the Amiga had come to an end. In an Amiga Computing interview in 1997, I described the situation and the role Amiga Flame had set out to play, “Many Amiga owners were convinced the games market was doomed. It was as though they were in a dark room and could see no future, only darkness. I had to light up that room and show them that there are many amazing and exciting games in development. Every week I put up games news to prove this was the case”. The doom and gloom merchants soon jumped ship.

The new situation of the late 1990s had also produced new problems for developers and publishers, as they failed to find one another on the Internet highway. Publishers found it difficult to find the development teams while developers were mainly too busy, working on a game to worry about distribution. The creation of Amiga Flame attempted to help resolve this problem and so make it easier for publishers and developers to come together. Amiga Flame sought out developers, not an easy task in itself and then reported on the development of the games. Publishers therefore only had to visit Amiga Flame to find out about the latest games in the works and then could approach developers about publishing their game.

To me Amiga Flame's primary achievement is that it has become a home for the Amiga gaming community – gamers, developers and publishers.

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