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APC&TCP Celebrates its 15th Birthday

APC&TCP is celebrating its 15th Birthday with the company looking forward to the next few months as it sets out to release new software and an English version of Amiga Future.

Andreas Magerl revealed that new versions of Desert Racing and AmiATLAS are in the works, and some other projects are close to their release. Next month an English version of Amiga Future will be officially launched which is expected to draw a sizable readership following the closure of Total Amiga. They are also investigating the possibility of producing an English version of the Amiga Guru Book, an important technical manual which provides a range of material for programmers.

To celebrate the birthday of APC&TCP the company have reduced many prices on their software in the online shop. In addition, users are encouraged to subscribe to Amiga Future as only limited quantities of the English version will be printed. For a subscription, readers can purchase one for a price of 39.90 Euro or alternatively 57.90 Euro for the CD-ROM edition. If you simply want to sample what Amiga Future is like then order a single copy at the price of 4.50 Euro without a CD or 7.50 with a Cover CD-ROM.

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