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Bill McEwen's Message for Pianeta Amiga

Although Bill McEwen of Amiga Inc could not attend this year's Pianeta Amiga show in person a message was delivered to all those users and developers who made the trip. This special message revealed details about their hardware partners, their first acquisition – Ruksun Technologies, and changes in the company structure. His optimistic message to the Amiga Community is quite simple – “It's really a great time to be part of Amiga”.

Bill McEwen's Message

Hello and welcome to the show

This is Bill McEwen from Amiga. I want thank everyone personally for coming to the show this weekend. I hope you have a great time and that everyone will be able to share their experiences and their love for this amazing product we call Amiga.

I apologise that I was not able to be their in person with you as that I was my original plan but unfortunately I find that I have to be in another country, in another location, on the same weekend. So hopefully I will be able to be there for next year's show and before that another visit to Italy is definitely in the plans.

I want to thank the OS 4 team and the folks at Hyperion as we our looking forward to working with them for the launch of OS 4, the next generation of the Amiga Operating System. We are very pleased and excited about this new product and as they are aware we have numerous new customers that are interested in it as well.

As mentioned in my twenty questions, back a couple of years ago, Amiga and then IBM began working together on their Arctic reference platform which was a PowerPC 405 embedded chip and what an exciting project that was. The Frieden brothers worked very hard and we actually have a working prototype on that project only to have IBM turn around and sell their embedded chip division and slightly stall us.

Well, while that happened, there is a team and group of people in Italy who have developed a new piece of hardware based of the next generation of that PowerPC chip – the PowerPC 440. And I am very pleased in working with the Samantha team and I know that they will be showing you this new product and we our looking forward to getting OS 4 on that platform and available as this will allow us to have new products, new hardware, and running with the PowerPC 440 it will enable new product types to be delivered in the portable area and handhelds, and lightweight. It's really a great time to be part of Amiga.

With this announcement about Samantha and I know they are going to show it to you, we also have another announcement with our other partner which I mentioned in the twenty questions. This is a high-end desktop product. There will be a prototype and more information made available at the AmiWest show in Sacramento, California on the 21st. We have been working with this group for a little bit longer than we have with the Samantha team, we our aware of its capabilities, and we our looking forward to sharing that with you all as well.

The bottom-line for everybody is that for the first time in many, many years the Amiga Community is going to have more than one type of hardware to select from – coming from different price points and variations of product type, and will get OS 4 out there and make it available for everyone to consume and enjoy.

This isn't the only new beginning at Amiga. We have just closed our first acquisition of a company, we have purchased a company in Pune, India. It was a thirteen year old development firm with over twenty retail products and packages primarily targeted at business enterprise space but also very well known for their skill sets with embedded software doing work for people like Ericsson, Nokia, and numerous other companies. Ruksun development brings us a highly skilled set of developers, over forty of them, and all these great products that will soon be brought into the fold of the Amiga family.

Effective immediately you can go to - which stands for Amiga Development India - take a look at the company, our new division over there, and just begin to imagine some of the capabilities this now offers us as a company.

This is another great new beginning for Amiga as we expand our abilities and soon we will be expanding our products. So as you enjoy your show, again I am sorry I am not able to be there, but please know that we our excited about the new hardware that is coming out, we our excited about OS 4 coming out, and we our excited about the extension of our team and family. Amiga now has a presence in one of the fastest growing economics in the world directly, so with physical offices both in India and in the United States as well as satellite offices in England and in other countries around the world, Amiga is beginning to spread again bit by bit. So until I get to see you again soon, I wish you all the best and I thank you so much for coming and I thank you for your continued support of Amiga and look forward to a bring future.

Have a great show.

Readers can also download an MP3 of Bill McEwen's message from the Pianeta Amiga website.

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