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Bubble Heroes Released

Bubble Heroes a puzzle/ adventure game in the same style as the popular Puzzle Bobble has been released following the completion of development by Arcadia Developments with publishers Crystal Interactive Software having it on sale at the SEAL Show in the UK. One Amiga gamer at the show, Gary storm said Bubble Heroes "is a game very similar to `Bust A Move 2" on the Playstation" and that "anyone who`s played that knows how addictive and fun it is, and "Bubble Heroes" is a fantastic Amiga rendition, and well worth buying".

The story is based on the magical world of Radia that is in serious danger. The peacefulness and the joy of this realm is threatened by a dark, evil knight named Gonzul and his bunglers, arrived on floating islands from unknown parts of the universe. Gonzul's aim is to conquer and enslave the world; to do this they abduct the four Nimphs, sources of power and pillars of peace and richness, bleeding their energy and life. But as they were being abducted, the Queen of these Nimphs, Adora spread by her mental powers a message to all the heroes of Radia; to rescue the Nimphs. Three Heroes hear the calling - Nekochan a young mercenary cat-girl, Gupochi a valiant prince transformed into an amphibian creature and Yorumaru a brave and bold knight in search of glory. Bubble Heroes is made up of four worlds, containing 60 levels in which you have to free the jailed Nimphs from Gonzul's bunglers.

The game can be played in various modes, story mode, championship mode, VS playing mode with a human player or the computer. There are of course three playing characters each with their own story that leads to a different ending sequence, this all wrapped up in a truly manga style with cute animation's. There are lots of graphic special effects such as transparencies, animated backgrounds, multiple scrolling playfields during the game, gigantic objects, tons of colours on screen, all running at 50 fps. Bubble Heroes also includes it own CDDA soundtracks.

The full version of Bubble Heroes requires at least an 020 processor, 4MB Fast Ram, is CD-Rom only with there RTG and Aga versions of Bubble Heroes on the CD.

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