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Amiga Big Bash 4 Opens on Saturday

The organisers of the fourth instalment of the Big Bash have organised an impressive show for UK Amiga users. Companies and their representatives will be in attendance ready to demonstrate or talk to users about their latest software and hardware.

Highlights include Amy '05 from Troika, latest developments on the ColdFire Project, and a demo of GP2X, a handheld which runs Linux. A question and answer session has also been organised via IRC with Hans-Jörg or Thomas Frieden of Hyperion who are key members of the AmigaOS 4 project. For gamers the event has plenty to offer as LAN Game competitions have been arranged and AmiKit will be selling game titles.

The Big Bash is being held at Stafford Hall in Westwood, Peterborough on Saturday from 1 pm to 7 pm. Admission is just £3.50.

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