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Amiga Big Bash 3

On Saturday the 24th of September Amiga users from across the UK will gather in Peterborough for the Big Bash event. Their motto remains the same "Ami excuse for a party".

This year's Big Bash is a special one as Troika plan to reveal their new motherboard for AmigaOS 4. Nicknamed the Prometheus, it is designed as a low cost solution for Amiga users eager to run the new operating system. According to some well-informed figures the motherboard could retail in at a price of $500 US Dollars.

Other highlights at this year's event include demonstrations of AmigaOS 4, Amimedics on hand to fix your Amiga problems, a Raffle, great food included with the entry fee, and drink from the licensed bar. For those users who can't attend, then watch the Webcams and a live webcast from the event.

The show takes place at Stafford Hall, Hampton Court, Westwood, Peterborough, UK on the 24th September 2005 from 1.00pm until 6.00pm. Admission is 3.50 at the door.

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