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More News from the Benelux Amiga Show

Various show reports have been posted over the last few days focusing on the Benelux Amiga Show. Although the number of visitors proved to be disappointing, those people who did travel to the show found time to talk with developers and try out the latest software. As a result the show reports have provided plenty of news from developers and a more detailed impression of certain products.

The most exciting reports from the show came from those users who were able to use AmigaOS 4. According to one user, “apart from the lack of proper GFX system it ran pretty smoothly”. He also stated that “AmigaOne rebooted FAST, it took a few seconds to go through the Uboot and about 5 seconds to boot into OS4”. Onno Scheffers of Atomic Digital Studios was also impressed by the new operating system, stating on Amiga World, “keeping in mind it is still heavily under construction, I'd say it is looking very promising. It still needs a lot of work. But it is starting to like I'll soon be buying an AmigaOne (lite) with AOS4”.

Darren Glenn in his show report revealed that Hyperion have been working on a port of Gorky17 to the Linux and AmigaOne. Having played the Linux conversion at the show Darren Glenn stated, “it reminded me a little of Wasted dreams only its turn based. I don't normally like turn based games but I think I would buy Gorky17 when it gets released”. There was also an interesting development in regard to future ports from Hyperion as Amiga on the Show IRC indicated that they had approached Hyperion about converting Unreal Tournament to the Amiga. It would seem that the staff at Amiga encouraged the publishers to consider a port to the AmigaOne and received a positive response. It remains to be seen whether this action shooter will eventually come to the Amiga.

A number of visitors also made positive comments about the Amiga museum, which was at the show. According to Darren Glenn, “they had a Commodore64, an A500, 2 A600's; an A1000 with what I think was an IBM PC sidecar. There was also an A3000, A4000, CD32 and more interestingly there was also several rare Amiga's. There was an Access, which I spent some time looking at, a Prototype CDTV CR (Also known as a CDTV500 and CDTV2) provided by Oliver Hanaford-Day. There was also a Walker on display, with its case removed”. It would seem that concerted efforts are being made to preserve some of the history of the Amiga platform.

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