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Babylonian Twins Demo Available

Babylonian Twins is a platform computer game that was originally developed by an Iraqi team for the Amiga under the difficult economic sanctions of the early 1990s. Although, it is considered to be the first commercial game ever developed in Iraq, it was never released due to the economic sanctions.

Babylonian Twins is both a platform and a puzzle game for it has the gameplay and smooth multidimensional scrolling of Team17's Superfrog and the puzzles and role playing approach of Konami's Knightmare II (Maze of Galious). The story of the game follows the twin princes of Babylon Nasir and Blasir and their quest to protect the throne of their father from the evil magic of Babylon's great sorcerer. The game has five levels, starting from the prison where the two princes were thrown in by the great sorcerer, moving to the Hanging Gardens of Babylon, Nimrud in Assyria, Ishtar Gate and the Processional Street and then to the great palace of Babylon. Most of the game graphics were drawn from authentic history books and the game original music use traditional Middle Eastern instruments.

In a recent interview with Obligement, Rabah Shihab revealed that “With the recent advances in hand-held and mobile devices and the widespread of digital distribution channels for games (iPhone store, XNA, etc.) I started to think seriously about porting it so it can reach a wider audience”. However, Rabah Shihab reassured Amiga gamers that Babylonian Twins will reach the Amiga platform once their plans have been sorted out.

A demo of Babylonian Twins is available from their website, and check Rabah Shihab's blog for future updates and notifications. The demo should run on any Amiga with 1MB RAM, maybe even 512K.

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