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Amiga World's Grand Opening

Amiga World is a new site dedicated to delivering the latest news and a place for discussion. Although Amiga World has in fact been open for a number of months it was only brought to the attention of most users recently with the webmasters having to deal with a surge in the number of readers.

The difference between Amiga World and other news sites is that the webmasters hope to carefully monitor the comments posted on the website so that any undesirable elements attempting to start a flame war or cause an offence are firmly dealt with. This will ensure that ordinary decent users and developers can feel free to participate without having to worry about being insulted by undesirables.

Amiga World has attracted some high profiles figures including Jonas Gustavsson and Hans-Joerg Frieden. Amiga's Chief Technology Officer, Fleecy Moss not only visits Amiga World regularly but has also agreed on offering weekly Questions and Answers sessions in an effort to enhance the communication between the Amiga community and Amiga. Users wanting to question Fleecy Moss should post their questions in the Forums section.

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