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It has been announced that this year's Sacramento Amiga show will take place on the 23th of July at the newly renovated Clarion Hotel Cal Expo. Clubs, organizations, and companies from the Amiga world will be in attendance.

This year the organisers of AmiWest have managed to gather together a range of companies who are expected to demonstrate their latest projects. AMUC will have a MicroA1-C Amiga computer system on hand to demonstrate the latest version of WW2 board game clone as well as AmigaOS 4 itself including the latest beta SDK. Grasshopper LLC will be represented, enabling users to pick up a copy of Pagestream, which has many advanced desk-top publishing features.

By special arrangement, Amiga OS4 developer Richard Drummond will present the banquet address at the AmiWest 2005 Saturday evening banquet. Not only is Richard a beta-tester of OS4.0, for he compiled the first two OS4 pre-release CDs for Hyperion and has helped out with the development of Picasso96 and Warp3D drivers for OS4.0. He has also worked for Mr Hardware Computers, bringing their relational database software, SBase4, to OS4.0.

If you're in Sacramento on the 23rd of this month then make sure you attend AmiWest.

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