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Dafel: Bloodline and Aliens vs Predator

Pagan Games has put together a special preview of Dafel: Bloodline, an action based RPG game with strategic elements. The preview provides work-in-progress screen shots along with an update on the current progress of the game. The development diary is a must read, it really offers readers an insight into the difficulties faced by developers, I think it will make you appreciate their tremendous dedication and effort to Amiga gamers. It emphasizes why I ask gamers to e-mail their support to developers.

Some potentially interesting news has emerged that the source code of Aliens vs Predator has been made available. This could pave the way for a conversion of what was billed as one of the perfectly matched battle games with Aliens from the hit film Alien series going up against the fearless Predators from the hit Predator movies. I have in fact played this game and I firmly believe that it not another one of these hyped up games that only proves to be a disappointment. Hopefully an Amiga development team will take up the challenge of converting Aliens vs Predator.

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