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Annihilation From Underground Arcade

Underground Arcade's stated aim is to produce commercial-quality games for classic Amiga systems, as well as supporting future AmigaOS4 game development. They hope to have at least two full games completed and ready for distribution this year.

Their first game is a horizontally scrolling shoot'em up entitled Annihilation. According to the development team; “Inspired by the arcade hits of yesteryear, but updated for today, this horizontally-scrolling blaster will blow the cobwebs out of your old Amiga”. In Annihilation, you choose from three ace pilots, each with their own customised starship, as you battle through wave after wave of lethal enemy forces.

Annihilation features loads of colours, parallax scrolling, intelligent enemy waves, awesome power-ups, huge mid-level and end-of-level guardians, a thumping electronic soundtrack, upgradeable weapons, meaty sound effects, and a progressive storyline that unfolds as you play. This exciting new title should be available later in the later year.

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