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Attention Software's FotoFoto

Attention Software was formed after the MD of Computer City approached a number of talented users with the idea of a simple but very amazing online game concept. As a consequence of these discussions, Philippe van Calsteren, Elvis Poldervaart, and Nico van den Bos formed Attention Software.

The first game under development is a freeware title where the player has to find five differences in two (almost) identical pictures, within a given time period. When you find them, you proceed into the next level where time is slightly shorter. When you don't, it's game over and you have to start over. The pictures are downloaded from a central server during the game and so you have to have an Internet connection. On this server the high-scores are kept as well. Furthermore, players can upload their own picture sets accompanied by their name and some remarks.

An official title for the game has still to be decided but its working title is FotoFoto. The first version will be for the AmigaOS while versions for AmigaAnywhere and MacOS will be produced later.

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