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Amiga Inc and Sendo

It would seem that Amiga Inc and Sendo have reached an agreement whereby Amiga Anywhere will be included in the Sendo Smart Phone. This is a significant development as the Sendo Z100 Smart Phone is regarded as an extremely advanced phone.

The Z100 Smart Phone will be the first colour smart phone, featuring an impressive 65,000-color TFT display, that plays MP3 and WMA audio files and gives users access to e-mail, contacts and meaningful Internet content. Other features like voice command and control and a wide range of accessories, like a digital clip-on camera (VGA resolution), will be offered. The pictures taken with the camera can immediately be sent to someone in the form of a JPEG file. GPS Navigation software combined with an in-car accessory will also be offered. In addition it has HTML, c-HTML and WAP browsers.

Amiga Inc is one of several companies involved in supplying applications to the Z100 Smart phone. Games companies such as Versaly, Terra Mobile-iobox, and Incagold are creating a number of titles, while Hexacto plan to release 20 Smart phone titles in 2002. Ideaworks3D intend to use their Segundo mobile gaming middleware, which is being used by game publishers to bring a large catalogue of major gaming brands. Fathammer's X-Forge™ 3D Game Engine, which allows games developers to produce very high-quality graphics games, is expected to be available.

The Sendo Smart Phone is expected to be available first in the UK, then throughout Europe and finally in the US.

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