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Amiga Survivor In Need Of Advertisers

The publishers of Amiga Survivor are seeking advertisers with the next issue expected to be ready soon.

It is a full colour A4 publication of 24 to 40 pages every two months. Paid-for subscriptions will still be accepted with a coverdisk and guaranteed subscription going out to such customers directly from CS&E. This publication will of course not be profitable without successful advertising that works.

The price of advertising is as follows:
1 page full colour 400 320
page full colour 200 160
page full colour 100 80
1 page black and white 150
page black and white 95

Distribution agreements have been made with Amiga Plus, Amiga Future and GTI in Germany. Power Computing, Eyetech and Analogic in the UK, and CS&E's existing team of 17 world-wide distributors, including Nascr ( ). With magazines only going out to active buyers of magazines, hardware and software we have the backbone of the industry and expect little wastage from a print run of around 15,000.

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