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More Creative Software for AmigaOne?

Details have emerged that native versions of ArtEffect and StormC may in time make their debut on AmigaOne.

Jürgen Haage of Haage & Partner revealed that they are seeking developers to port a number of their products to AmigaOne. StormC, a C/C++ development system originally certified by Amiga in 2001 as the official Amiga Development System is to make a comeback on AmigaOne. Features include network capabilities, distributed Make, CVS, modified GCC compiler with Amiga hunk format, global full text search, extended editor, debugging of tasks and shared libraries, and the StormDOC. The second title is ArtEffect, popular among Amiga artists it is a graphics program that provides professional digital image processing.

The news that Haage & Partner want these titles ported to the AmigaOne has been widely welcomed by Amiga users. Mick Sutton of Essex based usergroup SEAL, pleased by the news stated “I would like to see Art Effect developed further as it is a fine package and has a lot more potential”. Amiga programmer Paul Heams was also impressed by news of StormC coming to AmigaOne, stating, “I like the Storm C environment! If this report is accurate then it's good news!” It would appear that most users are excited about the possibility of these ports going ahead and has raised hopes that more creative titles will make their way onto AmigaOne.

If any developers are interested in helping with the port of ArtEffect and StormC, then e-mail Haage & Partner at:-


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