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Australian Roadshow News

Over the past few weeks the organisers of the Australian Roadshow demonstrated the new Amiga operating system and AmigaOne hardware to Amiga users and other computer geeks.

Visitors at the Sydney and Brisbane events were given presentations on the different aspects of the Amiga OS, front end and back end, the history of the platform, a developer talk, and user stuff. People got to see AmigaOS 4 running on the AmigaOne, which according to Paul Csirac ran classic applications “very, very fast and apparently flawlessly”. Seeing the new AmigaOne Lite also proved to be a highlight of the Roadshow events, for instance one enthusiastic visitor stated, “We also got to pick up & play with an Actual A1 lite! It was tiny! Apparently it's a pre-production board, and will have more frills when it is finalised”.

Amiga users also used the events to talk with leading figures about the latest developments and the Amiga Scene in Australia. There was for instance an IRC session with Fleecy Moss, CTO of Amiga who answered the questions of visitors to the events. Paul Csirac who talked with Doug Moir of AnythingAmiga revealed that Doug believes the community is growing in Australia, and also suggested, that “there is a market for AmigaOne Lites in industrial applications even in Queensland”.

The number of people in attendance at the events has been pretty average, with the webmaster of Amiga Monkey estimating that there was over 40 people at the Sydney event alone.

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