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Amiga Inc's Red Hat Announcement

Amiga Inc has announced that they are working with Red Hat to “provide the foundation for exciting games and consumer content for the desktop, set-top-box, game console, and handheld markets”. Red Hat, a company specialising in high performance multimedia for the Linux community will as a result of this agreement distribute Amiga Inc's Software Development Kit from their Red Hat web site. The significance of this agreement is the recognition that Red Hat has given to Amiga Inc's Software Development Kit.

Amiga Inc seems to have used this announcement as an opportunity for some slick piece of marketing to keep Amiga Inc's Software Development Kit in the spotlight and emphasis their good relations with such an influential company as Red Hat. Bill McEwen CEO and President of Amiga Inc in particular pointed out that Red Hat team “clearly understand what the Amiga has meant to the development of personal computer as we know it today. And more important, they are eager to provide support and add significantly to the solid foundation we have been developing”.

It was however unfortunate that some users failed to understand what had been announced believing that some form of alliance or partnership had been created between Amiga Inc and Red Hat. One prominent critic, Jason Compton felt that Amiga Inc had indeed stated this or at least given this impression in their announcement. Even though this critic should have known that Amiga Inc had stated no such alliance, he did get to the heart of the matter, stating, “This is a marketing piece, plain and simple”. Ben Hermans of Hyperion Software pointed out that this is a positive step, “The current Amiga team is doing more for Amiga in terms of generating visibility than Gateway or any other previous Amiga owner since Commodore”. Although it should be added that some influential Amiga users have speculated that there is more to this announcement.

In related news, Amiga Inc has reached an agreement with Ruksun Software Technologies, a company focused on the development of Internet and Connectivity application software for mobile and wireless devices. This agreement will see Ruksun Software Technologies award winning applications, IMAP Force and Messenger Force being converted to the new Amiga system. Bill McEwen, President of Amiga Inc said, “Ruksun products will be great additions for our OEM partners, and the Amiga Community”. Rajkumar Chainani, CEO at Ruksun Software was full of praise for the Amiga stating, “We believe that the Amiga OS lends itself to tremendous possibilities for connected digital appliances and non-PC devices. As time goes by, Ruksun will continue to create revolutionary products for this revolutionary platform”.

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