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Arcade Games Construction Kit and 1944

On Amiga World, Gunnar von Boehn has been discussing his latest project with fellow gamers. He is working on an Arcade Games Construction Kit that will “allow non-programmers to easily create shoot-em ups in virtually no time”.

Using the current version of the kit, Gunnar plans to develop two different shoot-em ups. The first game is known as 1944, which is heavily inspired by classic Arcade and Amiga 2D shoot-em ups. The engine to the game is pretty fancy, for instance all the bullets cast lights on the ground and the planes cast real shadows. According to Gunnar, “In some scenes there can be over 50 sprites on the screen and some explosions have nearly half of the screen size”.

The current release of 1944 is only intended to show the 'idea' of the game and Kit but it has already generated a great deal of interest. He would like more gamers to test 1944 and provide feedback so I would encourage gamers to download the demo from his website.

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