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Aqua Released

The first game to be released so far this year is Aqua an adventure game created by Emerald Imaging and published by Crystal Interactive Inc. Aqua is played in a style of gameplay that is similar to Myst since everything is viewed from a first person perspective.

Aqua thrusts you into a new world; a world you did not wish to be brought into. You must search for a way out. While exploring the mysteries of Aqua you will encounter many puzzling devices and mystical forces to overcome.

This first person perspective adventure game offers 256-color hi-resolution gfx, digitised sound, 3D ray traced visuals, including animated cut-scenes.

Aqua requires at least a 020 processor, Aga, 8MB of Ram, CD-Rom only and supports Picasso96. It is available at the price of $19.95 US Dollars.

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