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Aqua Nears Release

Crystal Interactive Inc could be the first publisher to release a game in the new-year with Aqua close to completion. Aqua is an adventure game by Emerald Imaging, played in a style of gameplay that is similar to Myst since everything is viewed from a first person perspective.

Aqua is an adventure game that thrusts you into a new world. A world you did not wish to be brought into. You must search for a way out. While exploring the mysteries of Aqua you will encounter many puzzling devices and mystical forces to overcome.

Aqua is a first person perspective adventure game offering 256-color hi-resolution gfx; 3D Ray traced visuals, including animated cut-scenes.

Aqua will require at least a 020 processor, Aga, 8MB of Ram, CD-Rom only and supports Picasso96.

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