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The Amiga Party Pack

Amiga Inc has decided to celebrate the birthday of the Amiga by giving Amiga users the opportunity to purchase the Amiga Party Pack.

The Amiga Party Pack features a pre-release version of the Amiga Digital Environment, the Software Developers Kit and a set of sample apps and games. Users also receive the option of a free Amiga OS 4.0/ 4.2 or a $100 coupon towards the purchase of an AmigaOne PPC/1200. The Amiga Party Pack costs $99 US Dollars, with the offering ending on the 22nd of June.

This announcement from Amiga Inc is highly significant as it proves to users that Amiga Inc is striving to bring out more substantial products. In the next few weeks AmigaOne PPC /1200, AmigaOS 4.0 and AmigaDE 1.1 will officially be released.

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