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Amiga Point of View is a new retro games magazine that came out over the Christmas period. According to the editor, Adrian Simpson, “APoV is a magazine that is mostly concerned with the Amiga's decade of gaming glory from 1985 to 1995”. But don't be rushing out to your local newsagent, as this new magazine is on-line and available for free.

The Christmas issue includes an interview with Team 17 and a feature about Amiga games based on Comics. There are also reviews of classic games like Sensible Golf, Forgotten Worlds, The Faery Tale Adventure, Rise Of The Robots, Captain Planet, Balance Of Power, K240, and Eye Of The Beholder. Tips and cheats for fans of Quest For Glory, Zak McKracken, and Switchblade are provided.

It is quite clear that the APoV staff have fond memories of the glory days, as the editor Adrian Simpson points out, “the Amiga was, is and forever will be the rock n roll, anything goes home computer of the late 80s and early 90s”. I highly recommend that you read the first issue of APoV as you will find it both informative and funny. Written and presented in the Amiga Power style, it is a magazine you will read from start to finish.

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