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Petro Tyschtschenko, who worked at Commodore Büromaschinen GmbH since October 1982 continues to work on his long-awaited memoirs. One of the chapters planned allows Amiga fans to ask Petro questions, which he will answer.

Petro Tyschtschenko, a well-respected figure in the Amiga community was chief of Amiga Technologies, a branch of ESCOM, which bought all rights of Commodore and the Amiga in April 1995. As Escom also got into bankruptcy 1996 Petro tried everything to ensure the survival of the Amiga and became chief of Amiga International, Inc. after Gateway 2000 bought the rights in 1997. He encouraged the further development of the AmigaOS, then released in version 3.5. In April 2001 he retired officially from AMIGA Inc.. He has not left altogether as he still goes to Amiga events to talk with Amiga fans who were customers and are now friends.

The Amiga Community now has the opportunity to put forward some interesting questions about his life and the Amiga.

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