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German Amiga users will be pleased to learn that the latest issue of Amiga Plus and Amiga Insider are available.

Issue 12 of Amiga Plus has reviews of Papyrus Office and Xbase, reports include Articia P in detail, Demo Scene 2004, and the MorphOS Revolt. There are also workshops on Amiga as a photo model, UAE configuration file part 2, and AmigaOS 4 network developing. This month's special feature looks at office software for the Amiga, while there is a small Christmas Guide for Amiga users.

The new issue of Amiga Insider has interviews with leading developers such as the team behind AmiAtlas. Gamers should check out the report on Sensible Day 2004, the reviews of Lgeneral, Open Transport Tycoon, and Power Manga, the preview on Realms of Power, and the story on Wizard Grounds. There is also an in-depth feature on AmigaOS 4 and a report on the AmigaOS 4 event in Essen.

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