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News from APC&TCP

A flurry of announcements from APC&TCP over the past week or so is a reflection the activity going on at this German company.

In terms of software developments, Andreas Magerl of APC&TCP revealed that a new patch for Desert Racing has been completed which should resolve a few problems and make the racing game run faster. The patch for the demo version can be found on the support pages while gamers who purchased the full version of Desert Racing should contact Andreas Magerl.

APC&TCP also announced plans to reprint an English version of the Amiga Guru Book if there is enough interest. This book is likely to draw the attention of developers as it is an important technical manual which provides a range of material for programmers. One user who already has the book said, “I have the English version of this book and I can recommend this book to all Amiga coders - it has some nice info that I haven't seen covered in other books”.

Lastly, the countdown to the release of the English edition of Amiga Future nears and to encourage users to become subscribers a number of try-out issues are available from their website. Although these issues are in German they should convince users that this is a quality production with reviews, features, and other articles.

If you wish to send your support for the Amiga Guru Book, then e-mail Andreas Magerl of APC&TCP at:-


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