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AmigaOS 4 Pre-Release Parties

With AmigaOS 4 Pre-Release being delivered across Europe and to the rest of the world it would seem that many Amiga users want to celebrate its release. Parties and meetings will take place over the Summer at which people will demonstrate AmigaOS 4 running on their own AmigaOne systems, and party at the same time.

ACG Gothenburg, Swedish User group of Amiga and Syntax Society announced that two parties would be held in Sweden. According to the organisers, “the plan is to get as many new and old Amigans together and celebrate this wonderful occasion with everyone is encouraged to bring their AmigaOne or Classic Amiga to the party”. They will have plenty of activities such as a big party-barbeque, the classic “kast med liten hårddisk” -contest and much more. The first party will be in Landskrona on the 18th-20th of June.

In the UK the Amiga North Thames user group have announced a special meeting at which they will be hosting a Micro AmigaOne running the AmigaOS 4 Pre-Release. They also hope to publicly demonstrate AOS4 Beta for BlizzardPPC, although it might be demonstrated at a later meeting. If you're interested in attending then leave time available on the 13th of June when the meeting will take place at 1pm in St. Mary Magdalene Vestry in Enfield.

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