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It has been announced that recording artist Susumu Hirasawa will deliver a boot jingle created specifically for AmigaOS 4. An agreement was reached between Chaos Union and Hyperion Entertainment in which Susumu Hirasawa agreed to create a boot jingle and two additional soundtracks.

Susumu Hirasawa is a highly acclaimed recording artist who helped to define Japanese pop-techno. Since the mid-90s Hirasawa has toured with his Interactive Live Show utilizing Amigas with the support of Amiga user group of Japan (FAMIGA) for a spectacular interactive multimedia performance.

In related news, Hans-Jörg Frieden of Hyperion has suggested that a new update to AmigaOS 4 will be ready for June. According to Hans-Jörg Frieden, “there are a few last-minute issues to attend to, and they need to be ironed out before the update goes online”. This update is expected to include new versions of quite a number of system components.

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