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AmigaOne Productions Report on the ANT Event

There have been a number of events taking place in recent times but few event reports have yet to come out. However, Paul of AmigaOne Productions, wrote a report on the ANT meeting on the 9th of November in London at which AmigaOS 4 running on an AmigaOne was demonstrated.

The AmigaOne Productions Report
It's now 11:20pm UK time, I'm back home after visiting Amiga North Thames today, I've taken some video footage of OS4 in action on the AmigaOne which I hope to get edited and online, but after the several hours of driving I've just done, it's not going to get done tonight! Sleep required in large quantities first.

Today's demo was certainly worth the trip, I got to see first hand the state that OS4 is currently at on the AmigaOne: As it was an Alpha version, there are still some bugs to iron out, and we are not yet at full speed as there is still work to do, but what I saw was very impressive.

I think there were about twenty people at today's demonstration, and after us all grabbing a coffee, we were given a demonstration, opening Folders, customising prefs, running programs such as Quake, FinalWriter and a few other bits and pieces. We were told a few times that such and such is still slow as JIT was not running, even so, the whole system responded FAR faster than my Windows XP on a 2Ghz P4 PC. You really do click an icon, and something happens RIGHT THEN, not wait 10 seconds, twiddle thumbs and hope for the best, this ALPHA version kicks bottom! And I have every confidence that it's going to be even better in the final released version.

After the demo, as I was sat at the front, I was the first person in the "audience" to play with OS4, wow, what an honour! First UK demo, and I was the first member of the public to play, to say I was impressed is an understatement, I opened up several folders in quick succession, opened up FinalWriter (which is a program I am very familiar with) which is very usable even though 68K emulated. I did manage to cause a complete lock-up, one of the clock programs has a bug and causes a hang, but hey, it's an Alpha version, it's to be expected.

I had a quick play around in AmigaDos, getting directories and such to get an idea of speed, which again was quite impressive.

A few more people had a play with the demo system, I think everyone was impressed, OK a couple more crashes and reboots but I'm sure that this will all be fixed for the proper release.

Towards the end of the day, someone wanted to delete a folder that was inside the Applications folder, but accidentally deleted the entire Apps folder instead, opps, time to restore from a backup, no real harm done but perhaps the least said about that the better.

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