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Another World returns to the Amiga platform

A few weeks ago it was reported that Eric Chahi the author behind Another World had released a collector's edition of this classic action adventure game. In a surprise move Cloanto revealed that Another World has returned to the Amiga platform.

On the forums, the Cloanto team said, “It is included on Amiga Forever 2006 Plus Edition and Premium Edition, which are due out next week, and contain more than 200 MB of new games and demoscene productions. This Amiga version of Another World is a special build by Eric Chahi just for Amiga Forever”.

The release of this game on the pc has already generated interest among retro gamers and even some journalists. On Binary Moon, Erik Sagen revealed, “as soon as I heard this I waited in anticipation for it's release. The minute (okay, a few hours) after it was released I quickly bought it and I'm stuck”. Another gamer known as Niclas said, “an Amiga classic worthy of another shot - think ICO, minimalist, well-animated goodness with an atmosphere so alien it will make your toes curl”.

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