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Another World Returns

Eric Chahi, author of classic action adventure game Another World has released a collector's edition. Unfortunately it is for Windows only but I am certain gamers will be pleased that this title has returned and been enhanced. Hopefully his

Another World made its debut in the early 1990s and delivered a new style in adventure games. This fast moving adventure tested gamers as it required a great deal of thought and speedily reactions. It was easy for gamers to become stuck and the fact that you had just one life made it extremely difficult to complete. In a review of Another World which can be found on the Amiga Games Database, reviewer Dennis Smith concludes, “the game is very well put together, with well animated polygon characters, reminiscent of 'Prince of Persia', and has great animated cut-sequences between game sections”.

The release of a collector's edition has generated a great deal of interest among retro gamers. On Binary Moon, Erik Sagen revealed, “as soon as I heard this I waited in anticipation for it's release. The minute (okay, a few hours) after it was released I quickly bought it and I'm stuck”. Another gamer known as Niclas said, “an Amiga classic worthy of another shot - think ICO, minimalist, well-animated goodness with an atmosphere so alien it will make your toes curl”.

The collector's edition is shareware and can be found on the Another World website. If you want the full version then you can purchase it for £5.00 UK pounds.

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